Richmond / Clarksville Arsenal Saddle Issues

Just a few days prior to the evacuation of Richmond in April of 1865, an editorial was published in the Richmond Enquirer showing the principal issues from the Richmond Arsenal from July 1st 1861 through January 1st 1865 . This list, provided by Chief of Ordnance Josiah Gorgas, indicates that 69,418 cavalry saddles (possibly including recycled Federal McClellens and imported or domestic manufactured officer’s saddles) were issued. 66. Using surviving correspondence, contracts and delivery vouchers it can be approximated that 66% (45,862) of these Confederate saddles were finished in the following manner:

1st Model       New      Jen/Mac       1st Model     Dinwiddie
Jenifer        Jenifer      Trans.         McClellen    McClellen
Pitman 1st contract:                             10,000*      ———   ———         ———–     ———–
Pitman 2nd contract:                              8,047*       3,835                            3,118        ———-
Three other major tree suppliers
Hutchings, Broun, Borst, Spring 63                         6,350* (approx.)         ———-      ———

*An unknown number of these trees were made into Jenifer/McClellan “Transition” saddles.

Finished saddles & trees, probably McClellans
by contractors Broun, Borst & Hutchings
(Spring/summer 1863)                                                                                 1, 552        ——–

Thiem & Frapes (June 63)                                                                            1,000        ——–
Jenifers sent to Charleston (fall 63)                        2,000                             ——         ——–
Jenifers made up at Clarksville (Jan. 64)                1,000                              ——-        ——–
Graussman Contract (Feb. 64)                                                                     1,000        ——–
Dinwiddie’s authority (April – Dec. 64)____         _____   _______             _____        7,960

TOTAL:   (45,862)   =                       18,047       13,185   Unknown            6,670         7,960

The balance of the saddles issued, 34%, were of undetermined configuration and provided by early war suppliers, other finishing contractors, battlefield acquisition, “repairs”, imported or made at Clarksville. Still, after January 1862 all private’s saddles manufactured through Richmond would have fallen into one of the above categories. After January 1st, 1865, an additional 3,168 Dinwiddie McClellan saddles were made bringing the total of saddles documented through the Richmond Arsenal system during the War at 72,586. It should also be noted that although a small number of saddles were shipped to Western troops from the Richmond Arsenal, none are known to have been requisitioned eastward from the Western Arsenals.