Clarksville Ordnance Harness Shops Production

June 1862 through August 1863

The following production output from the Clarksville Shops represents the only complete records available.

Wheel and lead harness                                                       1,146 sets*
Jenifer Saddles                                                                      206
“Plain” Jenifer Saddles                                                            98
Officers Quilted (seats) & Hoods (Stirrups) Saddle               102
“Shafted” (seats) Jenifer Saddles                                                4
Skeleton Jenifer Saddles                                                    5,350
Skeleton McClellan Saddles                                                 230
Single English Bridles                                                          157
Officers Double English Bridles                                           485
Double Martingale Bridle w/ Breast Strap                            —
Round (Double or Single rein) English Bridle                       63
Double Rein Cavalry Bridles                                              686
Cavalry Bridles (single rein)                                            1,792
Military Bridles                                                                    28
Troopers Halters                                                             5,693
Artillery Halters                                                                   15
Saddle Bags                                                                       114
Valises                                                                            3,502
Nose Bags                                                                      8,404
Plated Bridle Bits                                                                66
Sets Knapsack Straps                                                   17,823
Spur Straps                                                                    5,717
Sword Knots                                                                  4,574
Sabre Belts                                                                        810
Musket Slings                                                                 5,000

* Each set of Artillery Harness consisted of two artillery saddles, bridles, halters, collars, hames, tugs, straps and nose bags.