Montgomery Arsenal Saddles & Horse Equipments

Montgomery’s war time leather equipment production was apparently significant. Many tens of thousands of infantry accoutrements, saddles and other horse equipment were manufactured here much of it apparently under contract. The following information was taken from the records of two prominent local commercial contractors to the arsenal, “Joseph Gue & Co.” and “Charles P. May”, and may be considered typical horse equipment production for the arsenal. Exacting details are not available.

Trooper’s Equipment:

Saddle: Jenifer pattern (Early war to summer or fall 1863): Issued in “sets” including saddle, bridle, valise and crupper. Usually issued with carbine boot. McClellan Pattern (Summer or fall of 1863 to the end): Issued with breast strap and crupper.

Bridle: Believed to be halter bridle combination throughout the war. Often issued with a link strap.

Officer’s Equipment:
Officer’s Saddles: Of a quality higher than those typically for privates. Appears to be issued with cruppers and martingales when desired.

Officer’s Bridle: Different quality and appearance than troopers issue.

Officer’s Halter: Again, different quality and appearance from that of troopers issue.