The following are a few Civil War sites that I personally recommend for quality, honesty and general interest to the cavalry historian. Keep watching. More will be added as time permits.

RESEARCH SITES: Jarnagin’s. My friend David Jarnagin’s 19th century leather research and knowledge is second to none. Foot is a great source for original archival papers 19th century Picture Collections  Library of Congress Library of Congress Civil War photo collections Civil War Regimental Histories Tennessee Regimental histories Mississippi Regimental Histories Georgia Regimental Histories North Carolina Regimental Histories Louisiana in the Civil War Links to Missouri Civil War sites Historic images and maps Civil War Artillery 1920’s Tennessee Veterans Questionnaires. Confederate Railroads Collection of Southern History U.S. Historical Census information Civil War Richmond Va. Everything about Confederate Richmond. On line access to Nat’l Park Serv. Civil War records   Fred Adolphus excellent site on CS uniforms. Includes his articles and info on his new book “Imported Confederate Unforms of Peter Tait & Co. Limerick, Ireland.”

CAVALRY RELATED HISTORIC OR MUSEUM SITES: Boyhood home of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Chapel Hill, Tennessee. A “pet” project of the SCV! Ft.Riley, KS “The” home of the U.S. Cavalry and a superb cavalry museum. Nash Farm. Site of the famous Lovejoy Station battle between Federal Gen. J Kilpatrick (Kil-Cavalry) and Ross’s Texas Brigade. Brice’s Cross Roads. Site of N.B. Forrest’s greatest victory Battle of Parker’s Crossroads, Site of a one of Forrest’s early victories. Atlanta History Center: One of the largest and finest general CW collections in existence. Historic, haunting Middle-Tennessee plantation home and hospital during the tragic Battle of Franklin. Site of largest private Confederate cemetery in the country. Brandy Station Foundation. Private foundation for the preservation of the site of North America’s largest cavalry battle! Alabama Archives & History. Excellent museum, artifacts (lots of cavalry gear) and library research center.  Carter House, Franklin Tennessee. Hallowed ground epicenter of the Battle of Franklin! Wonderful museum!! Beauvoir. Pres. Jefferson Davis’ post war home and museum Civil War Museum of the Western Confederacy. Bardstown, Ky. A “large”, diverse and wonderful museum. Worth the trip! The Civil War Soldiers Museum of Pensacola, Fla. Little known but excellent museum. Confederate Memorial Park. Bill Rambo, Director. Alabama’s Confederate Veterans Home and home to a superb museum! Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans, La. One of the oldest and finest Confederate museums in existence. Since the late 1800’s!    The steam boat Arabia sunk in the Missouri River in 1856 providing for us today a virtual time capsule of artifacts. Worth the trip to Kansas City! The Kentucky Horse Park Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville. Once a 5,400 acre plantation and center for breeding of Tennessee race horses including several Ky Derby winners. Site of a severe skirmish in the retreat following the battle of Nashville. Post war home to Gen. “Red” Jackson, one of Forrest’s brigade commanders. U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Ft. Lee (Petersburg) Virginia and home to one of the finest US cavalry saddle collections in the world. Jeb Stuart Birth place, Laurel Hill, Va. Excellent site heralding John S Mosby, The Gray Ghost! Gen Joe Wheeler’s post war home, Pond Spring, Ala. Web site dedicated to George Armstrong Custer

RELIC DEALERS: Old South Antiques. Only Confederate! Ken McPheeters. Historian and writer. Lots of great cavalry relics The Horse Soldier: Gettysburg CW Relic Shop. Always great ‘stuff” JS Mosby CW Relics. Operated by NORTH SOUTH TRADER. Always great ‘stuff” offered by some fine people. Middle Tennessee C.W. Relics. Larry Hicklen’s. Always good stuff by an honest dealer. Ft. Donelson Relics: Another great shop Shiloh Relics: Rafael Eledge’s shop and more great “stuff”  Rick Hart’s new site specializing in all CW cavalry artifacts! Good stuff for “us”!

EXCELLENT BOOK DEALERS     (Superb or specialized inventory!): 

First Corps Books, Mike Wadsworth

Jim Mundie Books

Old South Art and Frame & Books! Chuck Johnson Eastern Digital Resources: Great source of reprints on many hard to find CW regimentals, diaries and reminiscences Guidon Books: SCS: Mr friend Howard Crouch is a prolific author, relic hunter and one of the most knowledgeable men today on horse equipment and relics in general. R. Stephen Dorsey’s site for  great reference books!

Coctaw Books, Jackson Mississippi, Rare and out of print books. Fred Smith 601 352 7281 Old Army Books: Bruce Halsted. Lots of the rare, the unusual and the common books on cavalry. North South Trader’s Magazine and book dealers.    Wild Horse Books & Art: Has the world’s largest selection of books and plans for building or identifying horse drawn vehicles to include the carriage, cart, wagon, buggy, sleigh, stage coach and many more; also books on training and driving draft horses, mules and carriage horses; Model vehicles & kits; books for building model carriages and more. Including..New! plans for the Civil War Artillery – Field Guns, Limber, Traveling Forge, Caisson and other Carriages

AUTHENTIC SUTLERS or SUPPLIERS: Jarnagins: The hobby’s “Walmart” and still the best source for many hard to get items. Excellent leather and tin items for all periods from the 1700’s through the later 1800’s. My good friend David Jarnagin Border State’s Leather. My good friend Doug Kidd’s saddle shop. Excellent Federal, CS, Dragoon and other cavalry period items. Tom Smith’s Saddlery: Great source for well made Federal saddlery Glen Pier Depot: Karl Pepper’s site for well made CS and Federal saddlery. Carter & Jasper: A great source for authentic “in stock” clothing, the common and uncommon personal items and more. Jan of Germany: Europe’s most authentic and knowledgeable Civil War saddler.

Butch Meyers: Some of the finest in hand made accoutrements Largely late 18th and early 19th century goods and books but all excellent! Duvall Leather Works. Excellent quality accoutrements including cavalry and British. Gloria Cihan restores old saddles. High quality 18th and 19th century saddles and equipments including early English civilian, 18th century British, French and American military, early 19th century American and recently, Civil War Federal and Confederate saddles. Master Saddler Stuart Lilie does some of the finest saddle craftsmanship available in America today. 

CAVALRY ASSOCIATIONS or AUTHENTIC CAVALRY REENACTMENT UNITS: US Cavalry Association Brandy Station Foundation. Private foundation for the preservation of the site of North America’s largest cavalry battle! N.B. Forrest Historical Society Morgan’s Men  The Morgan Horse Assoc. 7th Tennessee Cavalry. One of the oldest, most authentic and best cavalry reenactment units. The Critter’s are now largely defunct but still one of the BEST! First Maine: Most authentic all Federal units today 4th Virginia Black Horse Troop History of Morton’s Battery, Forrest’s Artillery and modern reenactment unit. Sharing and preserving the history of the 8th Texas (Terry’s) Cavalry C.S.A. Sharing and preserving the history of the hard fighting Ross’ Texas Cavalry Brigade, C.S.A.

AUTHENTIC CAVALRY or other HISTORIC FORUMS: Authentic Campaigner: Simply the best place and source for the authentic CW reenactor. Civil War Cavalry Forum Reenactor’s Forum: Arguably “mainstream” but good source The Military Horse: All periods of cavalry but leans toward Indian Wars through WWII. Great resource site! West Coast Forum: For the ‘way out west” CW reenactor



7th Tennessee Cavalry’s 2011 Cavalry Camp of Instruction!!!  March 2011 At Carnton Plantation, Franklin Tennessee.  The hobby’s “best” Cavalry Camp of instruction. Contact Mark Choate for more information. 

CIVIL WAR PUBLICATIONS/HISTORICAL ART: Civil War Historian: The best “all Civil War” publication for the authentic reenactor and historian Civil War News: “The” Civil War newspaper of today for current events, reenactments, preservation issues and all things Civil War. Camp Chase: The hobby’s “old grey lady” and a great mainstream (and now Campaigner) reenactor source of news and events.    Historical Art Prints – Don Troiani’s site for the finest in historical art.   Military and Historical Image Bank. Don Troiani is gracious enough to allow me to use his photos on my site. For alot more and better images of the finest militaria artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries check out his imagebank site. Its worth the trip!      
                                                                                                                                                                                        Steve Sylvia’s and Nancy Rosenbacher’s award winning!…North South Trader’s Magazine. The finest CW historical and relic magazine published today!  Excellent articles, reasearch, photographs and writing.