Sample Saddle Sent to Selma Arsenal

August 17, 1864   Dinwiddie to Col. J. L White at Selma, NAWDCCR.

“I send you by express a saddle tree for model. Its shape however is not exactly what is called for the Ord. Manual, nor have I one at hand which is exact except some which are not ironed. The general form and character of the tree is correct, and its deficiencies can be clearly seen. I also send a saddle tree gauge. The bars of the tree may be fitted at the sides of this and when in position, the pommel and cantle can be secured in this position by a screw and afterwards riveted as in the finished tree. This gauge is the one after which our saddle trees are made here. The top piece, which fits into the seat of the tree gives also the curve of the cantle, but not of the pommel. The top of the pommel must touch the upper gauge, but the form of pommel must be regulated by the eye.”

“P.S. The stain on the tree is by no means allowed here. We prime them or leave them without entirely.”