Issuances from the Atlanta Arsenal

The following can be considered a complete summary of the horse equipment issued from the Atlanta Arsenal. These figures are taken from the Annual Reports as turned into Chief of Ordnance, Josiah Gorgas from Atlanta commander, Col. Moses H. Wright.

There have been made by contract, imports and received the following stores:
Artillery Harness (single sets, principally rope traces)    2,840
Avg. Cost per horse   $50

Cavalry Equipment, saddle, etc. complete                       5,244
Avg. cost per set :  $23

*The plain cavalry saddle, stout and strong, as near the McClellan pattern as possible has been preferred at from $21 to $23 to a finer article requiring much more leather and much finer finish for $50 and so throughout.

Articles                                   Fabricated     Purchased       Issued
Art. Harness (one horse sets)       719             ——              —–
Cavalry Saddles                       2,124            5,804             4,000
Cavalry Bridles                       2,031             6,265             4,905
Saddle Blankets                                          11,903             4,608

The fabrications and repairs in this shop during the year of the leading articles as follows:
Art. Harness: Fabricated:   417,  Repaired:   365
(Fabricated or repaired):
Cavalry Saddles                                1,320
Cavalry Bridles                                 2,141
Halters                                              1,331
Art. Collars                                       1,477
Surcingles                                         1,400

Total equipment fabricated, purchased, imported or repaired at the Atlanta Arsenal:

Saddles:       14,492
Bridles:        15,681
Halters:         1,331  (1864 Only)